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About the Band

Benfield Brass Band is a non-profit volunteer organization which performs a limited number of concerts in the Anne Arundel County (Maryland) vicinity, as well as at the annual Gettysburg Brass Band Festival held in June each year in Gettysburg, PA.  Many of the band members play together in other local instrumental groups, and the band has several “family” members playing.  The band comes together in the spring and plays through midsummer. Ray Ascione, Conductor for the band, is a retired Navy Commander who, in his 35 years of active naval duty, served as Leader of the U.S. Naval Academy Band and Assistant Leader of the Navy Band in Washington, DC, among other assignments.  Since retiring in the Annapolis area, he remains active musically as a performer, educator and consultant.

History and Purpose
The Benfield Brass Band was formed in 1998 to attend the first Gettysburg Brass Band Festival – and we have gone there every year since.  The main purpose of the band is to provide the opportunity for brass players in the area to experience playing in a British Style brass band.  Over the years the band has gradually grown in size and skill.  The band has reached a size pretty close to the limit, but we continue to improve the quality of our playing.  BBB is not a contesting band – that is expensive, would require a full (fall & spring) season, and would mean trimming the band membership back to close to contesting size.

Band Instrumentation & Unforms 
This is a British style brass band - cornets only, no trumpets and alto (tenor) horns instead of French horns. 
We wear navy blue BBB logo shirts over khaki pants.


Rehearsals are on Sundays at Our Shepherd Lutheran Church (OSLC) from 7 to 9 PM.  The address is 400 Benfield Rd, Severna Park 21146 (on the north side of Benfield).  Bring your own music stand.